Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

UPDATE:  Jed and Charlie have been ADOPTED! 🙂

(We are keeping this post up so that visitors can still read it and watch the videos.)

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!





Our hope for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month is to find homes for the two dogs who have been at the shelter the longest:

Jed and Charlie.

After hearing about their being featured this month, both dogs composed letters of introduction!  Here they are:

A Letter From Jed

Oh, well hello there! You’ve probably heard about me before but I’d like to tell you a few more things about myself if you can spare the minutes. You see, I spent some time roaming the streets before finding a warm bed here at this cozy inn and at times I’m still tempted to go out an explore the great outdoors. I hear it’s not too safe for me to go at it alone, so I’m kinda hoping you or someone you know would like to explore the wilderness with me! I’m a hound dog you see, so I was built for sniffing; and I would just love to take long hikes and go swimming! I love swimming! I’m an outdoorsy kinda fella by day, but I would really like to come home and curl up in front of the fireplace with you and maybe even listen in on a Sherlock Holmes tale if you’ve got any. I’m a sucker for mysteries. I will tell you that, just like everyone else, I’ve got a few issues that need some work—I don’t get along with everyone, and initially I might need someone to remind me not to pee on the arm of the sofa. But, I will sit at your feet when you take that banana bread out of the oven! So, everyone’s got their quirks, but if you can fit me into your life I promise you won’t regret it!

Until then,


A Letter From Charlie

SBAM seeking LONC (translation: Single Black Altered Male seeking Loving Owner with No CatsJ)

Yeah, the newspaper guys laughed at me too. I’ve been here too long man. I just can’t wait to find someone who loves fetch as much as I do. Yeah, they treat me great here, 2 square meals, lots of tennis balls, they even pay for my meds (cause ya know that medicare won’t touch a four-legged gent like myself) but I’m ready to go home. It gets awful noisy around here and I have to watch new dogs come and go while people pass me by. Plain and simple—I think it’s my turn. I lie awake dreaming of someone who will scoop me outta here and take me to play fetch all hours of the day, and when we can’t play fetch we go for rides in a car and look at everything passing by in the window. Okay, okay, so I’ll admit my Pit Bull exterior may make you think I’m a big toughy, and the truth is I try to be…until the grass is wet, or it’s snowing. Now don’t tell anyone this, but I have some very sensitive feet and I like them to stay warm and dry. Ladies love those soft feet, man, I’m tellin’ ya. Anyway, if you think you can handle my athleticism and manliness come on down and take a gander!



Now that you’ve read about them, see them in action!

Check out our “Meet Charlie and Jed” video below.


5 Responses to Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

  1. Great photos, great write up, and video too. I would have liked to have heard some audio – talking or music with the video.

    Seems like you all are doing a great job at advertising these two sweet dogs. I do hope they find their forever home soon. I am fostering a young Coon Hound right now. I hope I can find him a home soon too. Wish us luck at the next pet adoption day.

  2. bhsdogblog says:

    Thanks Joni! Audio was just added to the movie today. Good luck to you and your foster!

  3. Gina says:

    You’ve done a beautiful job! I can’t believe those guys are still there, it makes me sad. Keep up the videos, it’s awesome!

  4. Alicia says:

    Hey BHS, was Jed adopted?

  5. bhsdogblog says:

    He was! (See our latest post.)

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