Ten Treats for Training

A shelter staff member's bait bag.  Check out the variety!

A shelter staff member's bait bag. Check out the variety!

Just like people, dogs appreciate a little variety in their diet.  Here at the shelter, we try to offer a variety of treats during training.

An important part of choosing training treats is finding out what each dog likes the best.  The more a dog likes a particular food, the higher the “value” is for that individual dog. The higher the value to a dog, the more motivated he will be to work for it. Dry, low-odor treats like biscuits and kibble tend to be low value.  Soft, yummy-smelling treats tend to be high value.

We encourage you to mix it up for your dog!  Try teaching your dog some new behaviors with new kinds of treats.  You  may find he is more motivated to work for treats you’ve never tried before.

The best treats for training are smalleasily chewed and swallowed, and yummy-smelling.

Corky works for everything from kibble to hot dogs!

Here are 10 Treats for Training that you might not have thought of before.

1.  Hot Dogs
2.  String Cheese
3.  Bacon
4.  Deli Ends
5.  Cheerios
6.  Dried Liver
7.  Mini Marshmallows
8.  Popcorn
9.  Pizza Crusts
10.  Hard-Boiled Eggs

It’s best to chop up these treats into little pieces.

And don’t worry, feeding your dog human foods will not cause him to beg at the table.  (As long as you don’t feed treats from the table!)

If you’re going to be doing lots of training, consider reducing the size of your dog’s meals that day to compensate for the treat calories.

Also, be sure to pay extra attention to your dog’s “output” from any new food you try.  Avoid using foods that cause tummy troubles!


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