Congratulations, Jed!


Congratulations to Jed on his new home!

 He was a resident of our shelter for 488 days!

Everyone at BHS wishes him the best for his new life. 🙂


4 Responses to Congratulations, Jed!

  1. peter mehlin says:

    Great. Let’s hope this one takes. Poor guy really needed a home. And congratuations to BHS staff that would keep an older “unadoptable” dog that length of time. Jed was very lucky he landed at BHS.

  2. tara white says:

    Was so happy to see that Jed was adopted. I hope that you will give updates on his progress so we can all see how well he does.

  3. caroline says:

    can i just tell you that the day i drove by BHS on my daily commute to work and saw the sign that jed had finally been adopted, i think my heart swelled to three times its size. i am so happy for him. great job, BHS! 🙂

  4. herm says:

    So, for all you caring people out there, Jed is doing great. His new owner loves him dearly. He brings him by every so often to say hello and run in the pen like the good old days when he used to be at the shelter..he gained a couple of pounds and looks great! For everyone at the shelter, we can tell he is finally happy and he knows he is in his forever home. He waited for a year and a half for his perfect Daddy!!! We couldn’t be anything but grateful 😀

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