Meet Tucker

UPDATE:  Tucker has been ADOPTED! 🙂

(We are keeping this post up so that visitors can still read it and watch his video.)

For his blog featurette, Tucker would like to freestyle rap!  Here we go!

Can I get a beat?
(Kennel staff start beatboxing.)tucker3

The name’s Tucker,
all the ladies call me Tucky.
When it comes to a dog’s life
I haven’t been so lucky.

I’ve been here before and
I’ve had a couple homes.
Now I’m looking for a place
I can really call my own.

I’m a spaniel-ish terrier
and not yet two.
My fur’s wild and wiry,
got a crazy ‘do. tucker4

I’m a handsome fella,
with an adorable mug.
I love to get silly
and play games of tug!

I know sit, down, heel,
jump, relax, and more!
I’m a clever little dog.
What else could you ask for?

As far as new homes go I’ve
got but one request:
No other dogs please, ‘cuz
they get me pretty stressed.

And well we’ve all got our traits
that are less attractive.
In uncertain situations (Like with strangers and kids.)
I can be reactive.

I know it sounds alarming
that a guy could be so charming,
but that nobody has opted
to have him adopted!
I agree and I guess that’s why
I’m getting the word out that I’m an awesome guy!

So if you’re looking for
your one and only pup,
come on down and visit,
and maybe we’ll match up!

Check out Tucker’s video below!


7 Responses to Meet Tucker

  1. Luna says:

    I love the video! Can you please tell us, does he get along with cats or does he chase them? What happens when he is with other dogs? Sounds like he’s had a couple homes. Any other behavior issues we should be aware of? Thanks!

  2. bhsdogblog says:

    Thank you for your comment! Tucker does not get along well with cats (He’s got those terrier instincts!) When he sees other dogs, he can become very reactive: He barks, growls, pulls on the leash (if he’s on one), and the hair on his back goes up. We are working on redirecting him to change these behaviors to more appropriate ones, and he will benefit from an owner who is willing to do the same 🙂 As you can also tell from his rap, he can be fearful of certain new situations and quick movements. For these reasons, he would do best in a home without kids.

  3. Angela says:

    Tucker is adorable! I hope he finds a forever home soon, same with Corky and Charlie. On a side note i have a question for bhsdogblog, who is the dog in your little icon picture in your posts?

  4. bhsdogblog says:

    Thanks for your comments, Angela!

    Corky went home this past weekend 🙂

    The dog in the icon is Copper, who was a resident of the shelter last summer. Look for the icon to change in the near future, too!

  5. Riva says:

    I must tell you, I am happy to hear he found a home, and someone on the BHS staff has quite the sense of humor!! Its very refreshing and I think it helps the dogs out immensely, with finding new homes. Like his rap, and video!! Amazing job!

  6. Lisa says:


    Just wanted to say we think you do a wonderful job with the write ups and videos. We are on the website a lot to see if the dog you had (Tucker, the black one you renamed to Turner, which at one time was our dog) has been returned. We wanted a loving, good home for him and not seeing him on the website tells me he’s still happy.

    We thank you for all you do for the animals.


  7. bhsdogblog says:

    Thank you so much Lisa and Cheryl! Tucker found an awesome home and his adoptive family has sent us many updates on his adventures 🙂

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