Let’s Go, Tucker! Woo woo!

Congratulations to Tucker, who went home with his new family last weekend!
(Click his name to see his feature post and video.)


You know how his new family found out about him?  Yup, the Dog Blog! We are all so happy for our crazy-haired terrier office pal, who had been with us for 5 months!

Everyone at Berkshire Humane wishes him the absolute best in his new home!


2 Responses to Let’s Go, Tucker! Woo woo!

  1. kelly says:

    I just watched Tucker’s video and read his “freestyle.” You guys are awesome!

  2. Tucker is the “goldie hawn” of dogs – intelligent and well-mannered, and a total goofball when playing. I have rarely seen a dog – of any breed – have such a good time as Tucker did when he played.

    His new owners have one very happy, smart beast!

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