Thank You, Lulu and Lolly!

The BHS Dog Blog was recently featured on another Dog Blog!

That’s right, Lulu and Lolly, two cute, adventurous, and shelter-supporting maltese dogs found our blog and wrote a post about it on theirs!  You can see it by clicking here.

Their “Dlog” (short for Dog Blog) is just a part of their expansive, quirky, and upbeat site!   There are videos, interviews, and even a store.  The best part is that Lulu and Lolly use their website to support animal shelters and rescues 🙂  You can visit their main page at:

Thank you, Lulu and Lolly!  We are always so happy to hear and see that others are doing good for shelter animals 🙂


One Response to Thank You, Lulu and Lolly!

  1. LuLuAndLoLLy says:

    Wow! Dear Charlie and all our friendz at the Berkshire Dog Blog, this is LuLu and LoLLy, and we are so egsited to be on your Dog Blog about us dlogging about you and now you are dlogging about us and now we are commenting on the Dog Blog you wrote about us and how we wrote about it on our dog blog, and that is happening on your dog blog! Two Paws Up! Thank you for the awesome werds, and also, in terms of the video, it was going to be awesome but then our HUMANS insisted on being in it and they are goofballs. So now it is very good, sintz it got downgraded due to their egstremely bad dancing. Nonetheless it is an inspiring song!

    Thanks again, Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!

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