Meet Ziba

UPDATE:  Ziba has been ADOPTED! :)

(We are keeping this post up so that visitors can still read it and watch her video.)

Ziba is one of our long-term residents here at the shelter.  We recently found a copy of her resume, here it is!


Name: Ziba (pronounced Zee-buh)

DOB: 8/3/2006 (I’m 2 and a half!)

Desired Position: House pet

Education: 2006 – 2008: Home schooled. Learned “sit”, “down”, and “come”.

2008 – present: Majoring in“touch” and “watch me” at Berkshire Humane.

Minoring in French.

Extracurricular activities: Burying cookies and rawhide in my blankets.  Chasing things.  BHS Fetcher’s Club

What do you feel are your strengths?

I’m playful, enthusiastic, and affectionate.

I’m food motivated and willing to learn.

I’m darn cute.

What qualities are you looking for in your workplace?

I feel I could best do my job in a quiet area, working with adults. I would love to have on-the-job training, where I could work on my obedience and social skills. I would also like there to be free coffee and cookies.

Please watch my feature video below!  (There’s music, so turn those speakers on!)

[Vimeo 3624826]

PS:  If the above video is stopping and starting irregularly on your computer, pause it and wait a few moments for it to load (the light gray bar will inch from the left all the way to the right), then press play.

For more information on Ziba, stop by the shelter or give the kennel staff a call!


3 Responses to Meet Ziba

  1. Dear Ziba, what a truly outstanding resume! We are partikularly imprest with your ability to do math and remember your birthday. Also, whew! Aren’t your a beyutiful doggie! Some human will be very lucky if you agree to adopt her! We will stay tuned! Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!

  2. Ziba, you are clearly a bright,alert and loving beast. Any home would be lucky to have you. And one will, soon.
    The Wooly Mammoth promises!

  3. Sharon says:

    I met Ziba by chance the other day when her new Dad went to the PO to get his mail. He heard me talking about how wonderful BHS is and about my new “baby” I adopted there. He was so happy when he talked about his Ziba, and took me out to meet her. Congratulations ! another job well done!!!!!!

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