Quick Training Tip #2

Down!  Down!

Are you asking your dog to lay down or to stop jumping up on something?

It can be hard for dogs to understand commands that sound the same but mean different things.

If your dog learns that “down” means to lay down on the ground, he may think you’re asking a bit much when he’s in the middle of counter-cruising for a bite of your lonely sandwich or clambering to reach Aunt Flo’s face for a kiss.

Make your desires very clear to your pup by teaching him different command words for laying down and for putting all four feet on the floor.

We use “DOWN” to ask for the dog to lay down and “OFF” to ask the dog to put all four of his feet on the ground.


Daisy demonstrates "down".

Maxx demonstrates a moment when "off" is handy.

Maxx shows us a moment when "off" comes in handy.

Happy training!


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