Playing nice

We do our best to provide our dogs with everything they need, and that of course includes playtime!

Here at BHS, playtime is also learning and bonding time!  We practice “play training” to teach the dogs self-control and good manners during what can be a really exciting time!

Some things we teach dogs during play training:

  • To sit for each throw of  a toy in a game of fetch.
  • To wait in a sit until they are released to chase their toy.
  • To extend the length of time they are able to wait for a release.
  • To “drop it” on command.

Play training turns a normally unstructured activity into co-operative and interactive play. This interaction and deliberate structure has lots of benefits for both dog and human!

Some benefits of play training:

  • Reinforces self-control and good doggie manners.
  • Enhances the bond between human and dog.
  • Helps reinforce the human’s leadership role (Especially with dominant dogs.)
  • Helps make dogs more adoptable!

You can try play training with your dog at home, too!  If her repertoire includes commands besides “sit”, use those during play as well, and vary what you ask for.

Check out our Play Training Video!

[Vimeo 4257439]


2 Responses to Playing nice

  1. dogs2go says:

    I like the music but you can’t read all of the words… what do the captions say?

  2. bhsdogblog says:

    Hi dogs2go, apologies for the captions. We are trying a new format for the next video, so they should be much more readable! The captions read:

    Meet Rosie.
    Rosie loves to play.
    Like a lot of dogs, she can get a little rowdy.
    At BHS, we do “play training”!
    This is the start of Rosie’s first play training session.
    Play training helps dogs learn self-control and safe play behaviors.
    They learn to sit for each toy throw
    and wait for the “okay” to keep playing.
    We also teach our pups to drop it when we ask.
    Knowing these tricks makes playtime more fun and safe.
    It also enhances our bonds with the dogs and reinforces our leadership roles!
    Good girl!

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