Congratulations, Ziba!

congratszibaRecently, many long-term residents of BHS have found homes:

Jed, Charlie, Corky, Tucker, and now…..Ziba!

Congratulations to Ziba, who was adopted this past week!

Our best wishes and wags for Z, from the people and animals at BHS!

Ziba was at the shelter for over 6 months.

There is another fellow who has been here for just as long, waiting for his family.  Look for this mystery man’s feature video coming this week!


3 Responses to Congratulations, Ziba!

  1. Cody says:

    Good going, Zibabeast! Hope you are very happy:-)

  2. wren says:

    YEAH!! Ziba is adopted. Congrats Bloggers, you are really “humanizing” these dogs with your posts!!! OK, so maybe someone might call you on the anthropomorphic aspect of it….but don’t listen to them!!! It’s working!!!
    Congrats on all the long term residents this blog has helped!!!

  3. bee booth says:

    I love this tale of Zeba new life awin win story for all those involved in her journey!She is a very lucky princess,

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