Ziba’s Fairy Tail: Part 2

Remember Ziba, the spunky, silly mixed-breed girl that was here earlier this year?

She had a video featured here on the blog, “Ziba’s Unfinished Fairy Tail.” (If you haven’t seen it, click here to watch!)

We’re happy to say that Ziba got her happily ever after!  Check out her new video to see what she’s been up to!


3 Responses to Ziba’s Fairy Tail: Part 2

  1. From Ziba's King and Queen says:

    How wonderful to see Ziba’s new video on her blog. We are so happy with her. We could send you so much footage of her antics, so we will save some for you when we go to DC. Maybe Ziba will play at the White House!

  2. June Stewart says:

    I just love a happy-ever-after story! Congrats to Ziba, her royal family, and all the staff at BHS who provided Ziba with a safe, caring temporary home.

  3. Diane says:

    I am thrilled to see Ziba’s fairy “tail” ending!! I remember Ziba during her stay at BHS. I felt she was a special dog… she just needed to find the right people to help her become all that she could be. Thank you to Ziba’s King and Queen for opening your hearts and home to this wonderful dog! Ziba looks right at home and OH SO HAPPY!

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