Why it’s Awesome to Adopt an Adult!

Here at BHS, most of the dogs that pass through our doors are juveniles and adults, 6 months and older. Don’t get us wrong, we adore puppies, but we think there are some great benefits to adopting an adult, too!


Melody, 3-5 years old (and recently adopted!), gets silly during playtime!

With an adult, you know more about….everything!
Personality, behavior, likes, dislikes, energy level, training needs, even how much they shed!

Looking for a high-energy pal to run with?  Maybe you’d prefer a couch potato who’s willing to be the Roeper to your Ebert?  Dogs’ personalities have blossomed and formed by the time they become adults.  Whether you want a jogging partner or a cuddle buddy, you don’t have to guess what an adult dog will grow up to be like, you’ll know!

Adults already know the basics of good dog behavior.

Most adults know what’s okay to chew in the house (toys, bones) and what’s not (shoes, furniture, Aunt Ethyl’s purse)!  They’re often already house-trained, too.

Whether young or old, dogs retain their playfulness throughout their lifetime!

No need to worry that you’ll miss out on puppy playfulness.  Play is an important part of adult life not only for dogs, but also wolves, cats, chimpanzees, parrots, and many other animals.   They seem to know that “You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing.”

Click here to see the shelter’s many adoptable adults!


One Response to Why it’s Awesome to Adopt an Adult!

  1. Gina says:

    One of the best entries yet! I always tell people to adopt adult dogs…they’re the BEST!!!

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