Elusive Canine Celeb Found!


UPDATE:  Buster has been ADOPTED! :)

(We are keeping this post up so that visitors can still read it and watch his video.)

AP- Pittsfield, MA Elusive canine celebrity, Buster “Bust a Move” Shotsky, has recently been spotted at a famous matchmaking organization in the Berkshires.  Sources say he may even be living there.

The 4 year old mixed breed had been reported absent from his usual hotspots since March.  Numerous phone calls and e -mails went unanswered.  Fans suspected the star was simply laying low in an effort to avoid the persistent pupperazzi.

That theory was shattered earlier this week, however, when photos of Buster on a walk outside the Berkshire Humane Society, surrounded by women and indulging in treats, were leaked.  BHS is a well-known matchmaking service in Pittsfield, MA.

When questioned, Buster refused to speak, though he would sit and lay down.  His agents were somewhat guarded, but did reveal he is indeed using the services there to find new companionship.  He’s reportedly been spending his spare time learning to refine his leash etiquette and engaging in games of tug-of-war.

The organization’s matchmakers say Buster is most interested in companions who share the same interests as he does: vigorous exercise, soft squeaky toys, learning new things, and belly rubs.  Unlike most eligibles, he would prefer someone who is into games.  Buster would also prefer a companion who is willing to commit exclusively to him.

The following video, leaked by a subscriber to BHS’ matchmaking service, was recently delivered to us and is a BHSDB exclusive.

Buster”s agents welcome and encourage potential matches to contact the Berkshire Humane Society.


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