MA Greyhound Tracks Closing!

Tom Greyhound Friends

Tom, one of Greyhound Friends' adoptables.

Back in 2008, Berkshire Humane Society encouraged MA citizens to Vote Yes on 3 and phase out greyhound racing in Massachusetts by 2010.  The state voted and it was a win for the dogs!

Now 2010 is here and the racing tracks are closing!  This means lots of these amazing pups are in need of new homes.

Greyhound Friends, located in Hopkinton, has many former racers up for adoption, including some from the most recently closed track, Raynham. You can see their adoptable pups here.  If you’re not in MA, you can find other organizations with adoptables through AdoptAGreyhound .  If you’d like to help out in a way that doesn’t involve walking or poop-scooping, check out Greyhound Friends’ wish list (Scroll all the way to the bottom for the list).

Thank you, Massachusetts, for helping to end greyhound racing and bringing these wonderful dogs into new homes.


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