The Last Barnabias

UPDATE:  Barnaby has been ADOPTED!! 🙂  This post is being left up so others can still enjoy it.

A rare and magnificent animal is currently residing in our facility, in search of a new habitat: the last remaining Barnabias known to man.

Here is a profile of this endangered species:

Common Name: Barnaby
Scientific Name: Barnabias bashfulias
Height: 60 cm
Weight: Males, about 32 kg.  Females, unknown
Natural Habitat: Living rooms and couches of the Southern United States
History: This once-prevalent species was first discovered by a Floridian exploration team.  The gentle, bashful animals roamed the landscape in search of snacks and comfy chairs.  They were prized for their obscenely soft ears and uniquely marked coats.  Scientists have not yet uncovered the cause of their near extinction.

Below is a video documentary, chronicling the life of the last known Barnabias.  (Be sure to turn your speakers on, and to read the captions in a crisp British accent.)

Music: “Sneaky Adventure” and “Bumbling March”  by Kevin MacLeod (

To see all the species we have available for adoption, click here.


8 Responses to The Last Barnabias

  1. Donna M says:

    This was adorable! If I had a house rather than an apartment I would adopt the beauty!

  2. Donna says:

    Delightful !!! and so fitting for this sweet,special boy..

  3. Rick says:

    Simply awesome humor! He is a cool doggie and we are enjoying our happily captivated Le Boef d’Cainus du Gaul (French Bulldog) now named Kuma from BHS! These folks and dogs rock!

  4. Joan Metzger says:

    I love this! I expect he would prefer pats to pets though!

  5. Me! says:

    AMAZING job on the documentary. You should submit it to NatGeo…You would win an award. So incredible. Excellent job.

  6. Amanda says:

    I adopted Barnaby a week ago today and he’s adjusted beautifully! He’s a smart dog; he picks things up quickly. He lifted his leg once in the house, but hasn’t since. Yesterday he spent 4 hours out of his grate while we were away and he did great. He loves those long walks in the woods at lunch time every day (2 long walks today/Sat) and his cozy spot in front of the fireplace at night. He’s even started to play a little with my son. He’s such a great dog and we’re so blessed to have him as part of our family 🙂

    Thank you for posting the video! I thought about adopting Barnaby for over a month and when I saw that video I knew I had to go see him….and here we are today 🙂

  7. bhsdogblog says:

    Thanks for the update, Amanda! We are so happy to hear he’s doing well! The staff and volunteers all miss his cute face (of course!), but all were ecstatic to know he finally went home. Hope you have lots of fun and laughs with him 🙂

  8. Just loved the entertaining pseudo-documentary about Barnabias. It’s hands-down the most entertaining, clever write-up for rescue dog that i’ve ever seen. You have a lot of talent there! Looks like you have some lucky dogs and some wonderful promotional material for them.

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