Daisy’s Day!

Come join us for “Daisy’s Day”!

Daisy the dog has been at Berkshire Humane Society for over a year! (She hit one year on January 29’th.)  We are throwing her a party and recognizing her stay.  There’ll be food and fun!  It’ll be held at…

1:00 on Thursday, Feb. 4
Berkshire Humane Society, 214 Barker Rd., Pittsfield

The following video was made by Daisy herself, so she could share with everyone what her days here at the shelter are like!

(Be sure to turn on your speakers!)

Music: “Plucky Daisy” by Mark MacLeod (incomptech.com)

Daisy, and many dogs before her, have spent quite a long time at BHS.  (Jed, Charlie, and Jingles all spent over a year!  Tucker, Ziba, Corky, and Barnaby all spent 6 months or more.)  Often times, their stay is longer than usual because they’re waiting to find a special family for their unique needs.  Daisy is doing just that!  Call the shelter, send us an e-mail, or stop on down to find out more about Daisy!


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