Cash: The Movie


We’re here with Cash, the 1 1/2 year old Black and Tan Coonhound that stars in the upcoming budget comedy, “Cash: The Movie”.  His character is a goofy secret agent, on a mission to save the treasures of his fellow canines.  We’ve sat him down for an exclusive interview as well as a showing of the first preview!

BHS News: Was this your first time in a lead role?

Cash: Woof!  Wooooof!  *He gnaws on a tennis ball*

BHSN: Fascinating.  Must’ve been quite the experience! What was it like having cats as co-stars?

Cash: Aroooooo!  *He play bows, tail wagging*

BHSN: We hear you did all your own stunts and learned some tricks just for your role.  What was that like?

Cash: *Tilts his head*  Aroof!  Aroof!  Baroo!  *He runs off to chase a stuffed toy*

BHSN: Well, folks, it looks like that’s all we’ll hear from the star today!  And with that, we give you the first-ever preview for “Cash: The Movie”.  (Be sure to turn those speakers on!)

Cash is available for adoption here at Berkshire Humane!  For more information, stop by the shelter or give us a call and talk to the kennel staff!


5 Responses to Cash: The Movie

  1. Lisa and Mike says:

    Aw, that was fun!!! Cash is a real character and looks like a love! What a sweet face, too 😀

    We have a small Cape style house. We have three indoor( fixed) cats. How is he with cats and smaller spaces?

    How is he with small children( grandchildren that come to visit occasionally)?

    Thank you,
    Lisa and Mike

  2. bhsdogblog says:

    Hi Lisa and Mike! Thanks so much for your comment. Cash is a real character 🙂

    Unfortunately, Cash was previously adopted out to a home with a kitty and it turned out he was a pretty relentless cat-chaser. The staff decided it would be in his best interest (and the cats) if his next home didn’t have any resident felines.

    If you’re on a search for a cat-friendly pup, feel free to contact the kennel staff and see if there’s anybody in residence that might fit your bill!

  3. I fell in love with Cash the day I met him. I can’t wait for someone to take him to his forever home. Cash you rock.

  4. shari delisle says:

    me toooo! I fell in love with cash when i saw him for the first time too. I check out BHS website often to see if he has been adopted yet. He needs a home. I sooo wish it could be mine….but it cant. Someone bring him home!:)

  5. lauraneal7 says:

    This is so precious! I loved the dialogue, very realistic.  I’m so glad Cash got adopted but it’s a shame he didn’t get along with his fellow cat mates. But I love to hear stories like this! I have seen several blogs that advertise their dogs to help get them adopted but this is the first blog that I have found where the dog has actually gotten adopted! Stories like this are so encouraging and really help show others that adoption is a truly wonderful, beautiful thing. I hope Cash’s next home is a perfect fit for him and that someone loves him as much as he deserves!

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