Post-surgical dog in search of home

Update: Rory has been adopted!! Thanks to all who helped to nurse this sweet girl back to good health!

Since our Dog of the Week is adopted (yay!), today we will focus on a dog with special medical needs.  Rory is a loving, energetic Rottweiler/ German Shepherd mix.  She came to us as a stray and is about 3 1/2 years old.  She can be unsure of new people, but once you gain her trust, she will ask to play and beg for tummy rubs all day long.

Unfortunately, Rory had a noticeable limp upon arrival.  The vet’s assessment showed that she had a cruciate ligament tear that required surgery.  The repair was successful and soon she will be placed in a foster home to heal in a calm setting.

It is very important for Rory to have temporary limited exercise and consistent medical care to prevent further injury.  This could be a challenge as she loves to run outside and jump up to greet people.  Are you willing to give this sweetie a chance?  Please contact kennel staff if you’re interested in adoption!


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