Special Seniors

Looking for a dog that’s already trained? One who is less demanding than a puppy? One that will make you cherish every day together? Sounds like it’s time to consider adopting a senior pet.

There are countless advantages to adopting an older dog. They have reached their mature size, they are past the heavy chewing stage, their habits are fairly consistent, most often they are housetrained,  most know their basic commands, and they don’t require as much vigorous exercise as a young pup (with the exception of Sam, of course).

One of the few disadvantages is, of course, is that there are fewer years to spend with older pets.  Also, geriatric care can be expensive since they are prone to a variety of ailments. It is wise to discuss healthcare options with your vet before major problems arise.

We offer a special program called Seniors for Seniors, which allows senior citizens to adopt older pets at a reduced rate. We find that these matches are mutually satisfying and especially heartwarming.

Currently we have 4 dogs in their golden years looking for their special family:

*Sam (now adopted!!) is a 12-year-old male Springer Spaniel that is in much better physical shape than one might expect! He is very well behaved and is looking forward to an active lifestyle.

*Wonka is a 8-year-old male Pitbull mix who loves to take leisurely walks and spend time with his human companions. He would prefer a quieter household with adults only.

*Rowdy (now adopted!!) is a 8-year-old Mini Schnauzer who is still full of life. He certainly lives up to his name and would love someone with a sense of humor.

*Steve (now adopted!!) is a 8-year-old male Beagle who was found as a stray. Like most other hounds, he loves to follow his nose and would love to accompany you on hikes!

For more information on our sweet seniors, call the kennel staff at (413) 447-7878 ext. 26. You can also visit us at 214 Barker Road in Pittsfield (click here for hours of operation).  The dogs look forward to meeting you!


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