Chopper’s Guide To Manliness

August 24, 2011

Note: Chopper has been adopted, thanks to the following video!!

We found this video while cleaning out Chopper’s kennel this morning…

Chopper is available for adoption at Berkshire Humane Society.
Stop by and visit or give the kennel a call for more information!  413-447-7878 ext. 26


July is Adopt-A-Bull Month at BHS!

July 2, 2011

Join us as we celebrate our Pit Bulls and mixes at the shelter!   All month long we’ll be highlighting this fun (and often misrepresented) breed.  

For the month of July, all adult Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes will have a reduced adoption donation of $50. 

Here are some fun facts about these terriers:

  • The term “Pit Bull” is a blanket term used to refer to a group of breeds, including the Pit Bull, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
  • Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes are the most common breed seen at Berkshire Humane as well as many other shelters in the Northeast US.
  • Pitbulls tend to be very energetic and playful! Take Rocks, for example.  If he had his way, he would fetch tennis balls and run all day, then curl up with you after a day full of exercise.
  • Pit Bulls tend to be social and loving, especially towards their human family. Just look at the way Wonka beckons attention with his eyes.
  •  Pit Bulls were originally bred in Britain to bait bulls.  Bull baiting was deemed inhumane and illegal in the early 1830’s, and Pit Bulls were then used for dog fighting.  Nowadays, just like any other breed, each Pit’s socialability with other dogs varies.  Pit Bull owners can help keep their dogs safe and comfortable around other dogs through early socialization as well as ongoing training.  (Two things any dog owner can do to help their pet!) 
  • Pit Bulls make great athletes!  They are strong, agile, and have lots of energy.  This makes them great candidates for everything from fetch in the backyard to agility to flyball!  Look at Ortiz’s joy as he triumphantly brings back his toy!  This boy is also into agility.

If you’d love an intelligent, playful, energetic companion, why not consider (or re-consider) a Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix?  Come on down to the shelter and spend some time with any of these fantastic dogs.  Even if you don’t leave with a Pit Bull, we bet you’ll leave with a soft spot in your heart for them!

Look for more Pit Bull features coming all month long!

Post-surgical dog in search of home

January 26, 2011

Update: Rory has been adopted!! Thanks to all who helped to nurse this sweet girl back to good health!

Since our Dog of the Week is adopted (yay!), today we will focus on a dog with special medical needs.  Rory is a loving, energetic Rottweiler/ German Shepherd mix.  She came to us as a stray and is about 3 1/2 years old.  She can be unsure of new people, but once you gain her trust, she will ask to play and beg for tummy rubs all day long.

Unfortunately, Rory had a noticeable limp upon arrival.  The vet’s assessment showed that she had a cruciate ligament tear that required surgery.  The repair was successful and soon she will be placed in a foster home to heal in a calm setting.

It is very important for Rory to have temporary limited exercise and consistent medical care to prevent further injury.  This could be a challenge as she loves to run outside and jump up to greet people.  Are you willing to give this sweetie a chance?  Please contact kennel staff if you’re interested in adoption!

Rocks: Dog of the Week!

January 15, 2011

He’s goofy! He’s smart! He’s loving!

Our Subaru dog of the week is… Rocks!

 This 6-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier has notable obedience skills and loves all of the attention he can get. When he’s not busy showing off all of his commands, you can find him curled up quietly on his comfy bed.  He would prefer to be the only pet as he is working on his reactivity towards other dogs. 

We asked him to fill out a canine questionnaire, and he gave us permission to share his responses.

Rule I like to break: Barking at dogs that walk by my kennel (although I have gotten much better with training!)

Favorite toy: TENNIS BALL! I love to chase them and then pull them apart!

Craziest thing I’ve ever done: Shown my affection by softly putting my mouth on my favorite people’s arms

Perfect dog day: I’d love to eat my yummy Natural Balance (because it doesn’t bother my skin allergies), play fetch with you, take my prized toy and meticulously pull it apart, and then curl up with you in a nice comfy chair.

How could you say no to this face? Come in and spend time with this awesome dog and see if he matches your lifestyle!

Cash: The Movie

May 5, 2010


We’re here with Cash, the 1 1/2 year old Black and Tan Coonhound that stars in the upcoming budget comedy, “Cash: The Movie”.  His character is a goofy secret agent, on a mission to save the treasures of his fellow canines.  We’ve sat him down for an exclusive interview as well as a showing of the first preview!

BHS News: Was this your first time in a lead role?

Cash: Woof!  Wooooof!  *He gnaws on a tennis ball*

BHSN: Fascinating.  Must’ve been quite the experience! What was it like having cats as co-stars?

Cash: Aroooooo!  *He play bows, tail wagging*

BHSN: We hear you did all your own stunts and learned some tricks just for your role.  What was that like?

Cash: *Tilts his head*  Aroof!  Aroof!  Baroo!  *He runs off to chase a stuffed toy*

BHSN: Well, folks, it looks like that’s all we’ll hear from the star today!  And with that, we give you the first-ever preview for “Cash: The Movie”.  (Be sure to turn those speakers on!)

Cash is available for adoption here at Berkshire Humane!  For more information, stop by the shelter or give us a call and talk to the kennel staff!

Daisy’s Day!

February 3, 2010

Come join us for “Daisy’s Day”!

Daisy the dog has been at Berkshire Humane Society for over a year! (She hit one year on January 29’th.)  We are throwing her a party and recognizing her stay.  There’ll be food and fun!  It’ll be held at…

1:00 on Thursday, Feb. 4
Berkshire Humane Society, 214 Barker Rd., Pittsfield

The following video was made by Daisy herself, so she could share with everyone what her days here at the shelter are like!

(Be sure to turn on your speakers!)

Music: “Plucky Daisy” by Mark MacLeod (

Daisy, and many dogs before her, have spent quite a long time at BHS.  (Jed, Charlie, and Jingles all spent over a year!  Tucker, Ziba, Corky, and Barnaby all spent 6 months or more.)  Often times, their stay is longer than usual because they’re waiting to find a special family for their unique needs.  Daisy is doing just that!  Call the shelter, send us an e-mail, or stop on down to find out more about Daisy!

The Last Barnabias

January 21, 2010

UPDATE:  Barnaby has been ADOPTED!! 🙂  This post is being left up so others can still enjoy it.

A rare and magnificent animal is currently residing in our facility, in search of a new habitat: the last remaining Barnabias known to man.

Here is a profile of this endangered species:

Common Name: Barnaby
Scientific Name: Barnabias bashfulias
Height: 60 cm
Weight: Males, about 32 kg.  Females, unknown
Natural Habitat: Living rooms and couches of the Southern United States
History: This once-prevalent species was first discovered by a Floridian exploration team.  The gentle, bashful animals roamed the landscape in search of snacks and comfy chairs.  They were prized for their obscenely soft ears and uniquely marked coats.  Scientists have not yet uncovered the cause of their near extinction.

Below is a video documentary, chronicling the life of the last known Barnabias.  (Be sure to turn your speakers on, and to read the captions in a crisp British accent.)

Music: “Sneaky Adventure” and “Bumbling March”  by Kevin MacLeod (

To see all the species we have available for adoption, click here.

Ziba’s New Digs!

December 13, 2009

Remember Ziba, our spunky terrier mix?   (If you don’t, watch her videos, “Ziba’s Unfinished Fairy Tail” and “Ziba’s Happily Ever After“.)

Well, she recently moved to our nation’s capital!  That’s right, Z is on to new things and enjoying daily adventures at the dog park and her new friends in Washington D.C.!

Ziba at the dog park with friend.Ziba playing at the dog park

We’re all so happy to see Ziba’s doing well in her new digs!  Thanks again to Z’s family for keeping us in the loop.  What a lucky girl she is to have you!

The BHS staff love hearing about how our alumni are doing (and getting to see photos!), so if you’ve got your own alumni update or pics, don’t hesitate to send them in 🙂

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